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Fall Assessments

                                                                                    Minors 8/17 @ 6:30pm Hemby Bridge front field

                                                                                   Rookies 8/18 @ 6:30pm Hemby Bridge rookie field

                                                                                   Majors 8/19 @ 6:30pm Hemby Bridge front field

                                                                                                                                               Practices begin

                                                                                  Tball, Rookie, Minors and Majors will begin practice the week of 8/22/15 locations will vary

                                                                                 Babe Ruth will begin practice 8/15/15 10am @ PRMS

FAll 2015 Baseball registration is OPEN! 

We are moving our registration system to Blue Sombrero.   Please click on the logo below to register your new PRAA account, then select the Baseball division appropriate for your child.   Thank you for your continued support of PRAA and we look forward to seeing you on the field! 

Blue Sombrero image 


Registration is on a first-come first-serve basis, so if you are planning on signing your child up in the baseball program, the earlier the better. Once teams meet capacity, you may go on a waiting list and might not be assigned to a team. SO HURRY!!!!

It is PRAA's desire to accomodate as many youth players as posssible.  We realize in these difficult economic times it may be hard for some families to afford the opportunity for their children to participate in our sports programs.  There are many ways you can help.  We can design a volunteer program to help offset a portion of the activity fees.  PRAA has a financial assistance application available for those families in need to help defer the cost of partcipation.  We urge you to contact the sports commissioner for further details.  The financial assistance form can be found by clicking HERE. The form is to be filled out and sent to the sports commssioner for consideration.

clipboardSkills Assessment/Draft Dates

NOTE: There are NO T-ball tryouts for recreational leagues.

TEAMS WILL BE DRAFTED IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE ASSESSMENTS. Coaches will have their assigned teams and will be contacting families within a few days following the draft.

Babe Ruth Baseball, Inc changed its previously announced position regarding the use of full composite bats for the Cal Ripken Divisions (Rookie, Minors, and Majors).  As a result, full composite bats are now allowed in League and All Star play.  With that said, bats must continue to be no longer than 32 inches in length and have a barrel diameter of no more than 2.25 inches.  They must also state clearly on the barrel that they are "Approved for play in Babe Ruth Baseball."

PRAA is excited to announce new opportunities in the Majors Baseball Select program

PRAA is proud to provide sports activities for youth.  In doing this we also enjoy being a feeder program for middle school and high school sports programs.  As our youth players enter into middle school and begin participating on school sports teams parents are often faced with the difficult choice of allowing their children to continue to play youth league sports at PRAA.  PRAA encourages our youth to participate in school sports because this is a very exciting time in their lives.  It is great fun for these kids to represent their school and communities while traveling to other areas to compete.  PRAA is a strong supporter of all school sports activities. 

To encourage this participation PRAA is excited to announce the following opportunities in the Majors baseball challenge program.  This program is open for our 11 and 12 year old (Majors) baseball program. 

To participate in the PRAA Majors Select Baseball Program youth players are now required to meet the following criteria:

Players must have registered and participated in the Spring baseball league at PRAA.
Players must be registered and participating in the Fall baseball league at PRAA.

 And (must satisfy one of the following)

  1. Players must be registered and participating on any Middle School sports team.

  2. Players must be registered and participating in any Fall PRAA sports program.

  3. Players must be registered and participating in any Fall  sports program offered by any association or organization.

PRAA is excited about this opportunity now open to our members.  No longer will players be forced to choose between school sports and PRAA in the Fall.  Players will now be able to explore other sports, represent their schools, and still participate in the great game of baseball representing PRAA.

Players will still have to try out and be selected  for the PRAA Select teams.  Parents of the selected players will be responsible for any applicable fees.