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What is PRAA Travel Baseball?

Why is PRAA offering travel baseball program?

With the popularity of travel baseball on the rise PRAA experiences players leaving every season for this level of baseball play. Some of these players leave and go to travel teams on their own while not knowing the coach and the players they become a part of. Sometimes entire teams leave PRAA for this experience. PRAA would like these players to continue to be a part of the PRAA baseball program. The PRAA soccer program experienced this several years ago. In response PRAA started its Challenge/Classic soccer program. This program has proven to be successful and in an attempt to provide a similar experience in baseball, PRAA is trying the PRAA Travel baseball program to provide this same level of play within the PRAA baseball program.

Who is eligible?
There will be open tryouts open to all players.  Tryout date will be August 4th and will be advertised on the PRAA website, bulk email, any social media, etc. Players should register online for their regular season.  Any player making the club team and accepting a roster spot will simply have their registration transferred over to the appropriate club team. Roster spots shall be offered to any existing PR player, any PRAA member, any former PR player who has been redistricted to another school, and then any player outside PR district when needed to complete a team for a full complement of players.

When are practices?
PRAA Travel baseball will have 3 practices per week (2 weekday/1 weekend day) or combination thereof. On tournament weekends there will be 2 practices during the week. Every 2 weeks one of the practice times will be taken by indoor practice session (at indoor center like B&B).

How much does it cost?
Fees will be $395 plus PRAA Family Fee ($100 per calendar year if not already paid from another registration). Fees include team equipment such as practice balls, indoor facility rental, field usage fees, player registration fees, and tournament fees. Any uniforms needed by players will be extra. Program fees will be collected in 3 installments with payments due at registration, September 1st, and balance due at October 1st. Players will also have the option to pay entire amount at registration.

What about tournaments?
Fees include 6 tournaments (Nations/USSSA).
Schedule should be designed to not play every weekend but to alternate weekends.

How does PRAA Travel Baseball effect the PRAA recreational program?
PRAA recreational league players will be given the opportunity to participate in more practice/game/instruction and a longer season allowing more practice days and more opportunities to play in season games. Prior to season start there will be a clinic for all registered recreation league player.  There will also be a mid season clinic open to all players. It is suggested this clinic be held by the PRHS coaching staff with the assistance of the returning varsity PRHS players. Location should be PRHS baseball/softball facilities.  At this time all recreation league coaches shall participate in a clinic designed to show how to effectively coach youth baseball and how to run effective practices.  Importance will be stressed on just basics, fundamentals, and having fun. Coaches must understand the basics and how to run a high energy, fun practice.  Coaches will also be taught how to effectively communicate with players and parents. PRAA recreational league players will have the opportunity to play Select baseball and will be the only players eligible for All Stars baseball play.

Tryout Registration
Players must pre register for tryouts.  Tryout registration is free and you do this by clicking This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . In the email please include the following information.....

  • Player Name
  • Player DOB
  • Player School Attending
  • Parent Name
  • Parent Phone Number
  • Parent Email Address
  • Age Division For Tryout (9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, or 13U/14U)

PRAA Admin Only

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