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PRAA has partnered with Event Images Location Photography to develop the Porter Ridge Athletic Associations picture program for all teams/sports.  

Event Images Location Photography


Coaches and Parents will receive 2 emails from Event Images.

  • Initial email notification of dates and times for team/individual photos
  • Second email reminder of dates and times for team/individual photos

Event Images Photography Program offers the following:

  • Assigned times for team/individual photos
  • A variety of poses for individual photos
  • Multiple photographers at photo shoot in effort to stay on schedule
  • Photographers will work with each individual player with a variety of poses
  • Digital photos will be available on-line for parents to review and for purchase
  • Multiple photography packages, trader cards, magnets, buttons, gifts, etc
  • Distribution of completed photos to parents either in person or through the postal service within 2 weeks of purchase
  • 100% Guarantee


Click here to view and order pictures!

Event Images will deliver photographs, gifts and memorabilia to the parents directly or via the postal service


Parents need to arrive at the field at designated times with players dressed in uniform.


At the photo shoot, parents will fill out Event Images paperwork including spelling of the player’s name.

Parents have 2 options for purchase & payment:

  1. Parents may pay via check or credit card on picture day


  1. Parents may review their photos on-line before purchasing

Individual Photo Sample

Each photo includes: Year, Team name & Player Name





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